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blood cove 2 return of the skull

TROMA legend Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke' em High) stars alongside Mark Dessauer (Graveyard Stories), Autumn Hall (The Maker of Monsters) and C.A. McGregor (Legend of Demoniac) in this hair-raising sequel to 2019's regional slasher hit "Blood Cove."

In the sleepy town of Beansboro, Indiana, a killer is about to strike again. Despite the best efforts from local authorities six months earlier, it appears the Skull was not destroyed in the haunted house fire as believed. Now the bloodthirsty maniac has his sights set on revenge... and the peaceful community is about to become the devil's playground .

Directed by cult filmmaker James Ian Mair (The Maker of Monsters), "Blood Cove 2" will chill you to the bone.

graveyard stories 2

Legendary B-movie veteran George Stover (Nightbeast, Female Trouble) stars in this wildly comical and shocking horror anthology from filmmaker James Ian Mair and Moonlight Films.

It is a dark and stormy night as three friends gather to watch an episode of their favorite TV series, an anthology called "Graveyard Stories." The show's longtime host the Caretaker (Stover) introdues the evening's brood of tales (an alien spacecraft crash-landing in a small town; a story of science gone horribly wrong; and a mysterious killer stalking victims on the freeway.) But as the evening unfolds, the group of friends begins to relize that not everything is what it seems, and the Caretaker has a message for each of them... from beyond the grave!

Scott Tepperman from SyFy's Ghost Hunter: International makes a special appearance in the film.


Blood cove

From director James Ian Mair (The Maker of Monsters, Graveyard Stories) and Moonlight Films comes a new icon in the pantheon of slasher films
...The Skull.

Deep in the swamp lands of Beansboro, Indiana... a killer waits. And when young reporter Joanie Craven goes missing, it's up to skeptical police detective Greg Fontana and Joanie's father Michael to find her and bring an end to the Skull's decades-old reign of terror.

Featuring an appearance by B-movie veteran George Stover (Nightbeast, The Alien Factor, Galaxy Invader).

The Maker of monsters

   A depraved scientist falls madly in love with a young woman and turns her lover into a hideous monster for meddling in his diabolical plans.

   This is a movie with monsters, a bit of blood, atmosphere, and lots and lots of test tubes."  B-horror legend George Stover (The Alien Factor, Nightbeast) and James Ian Mair (Graveyard Stories, A Whisper in the Dark) star is this gory, schlocky chiller from Moonlight Films. A depraved scientist falls madly in love with a young woman and turns her lover into a hideous monster for meddling in his diabolical plans. Mark Dessauer, Katie Harbridge, Cassandra Schomer, Eddie Dean Fish and Leanna Chamish also star in this old fashioned horror creature-feature.


After Dark

After Dark is a 2012 independent horror/drama that was digital remastered and edited and available on Youtube for the first time in 2019. It involving an ancient witch who is hunting down the members of the Weaver bloodline, a family who betrayed her years earlier. The work is distributed by Moonlight Films. It is written, produced, and directed by James Ian Mair, with James Stevenson also serving as a producer. The films stars Jeff Johnson, Joel Erickson, Tara Bixler, David Michel, Kai Au, Jerry Nees, Virgil Franklin, Dan Turpen, James Ian Mair, Autumn Reed, Danielle LeDune, James Stevenson and Gary Olson.

Legend of demoniac

Alice Martin (Katie Harbridge) has recently secured a job at the Swope Art Gallery. Running from a troubled past, Alice finally feels secure and content in her new environment. Unaware that someone, or something, is watching her every move, Alice notices that patrons to the gallery begin disappearing. Finally, Alice herself is taken to an old mental asylum where she comes face to face with the gallery stalker, Demoniac (C.A. McGregor), an ages-old evil hell bent on destroying the world, with Alice at his side. A secret organization that specializes in hunting demonic forces, "the watchers," begins to track Demoniac's whereabouts. Watcher Vernon Coyle (Mark Dessauer) is assigned to this case, and with the help of Dr. Rowland Michaels (Jim O'Rear) manages to find Demoniac's location. But will he be able to stop him before Alice becomes one of the undead?

Graveyard Stories

Two masters of horror, Lloyd Kaufman and Jim O’Rear, take you on a chilling foray through pure terror in this throwback to schlocky 80's B-horror movies!

Lonely traveler Vincent (Virgil Franklin) is picked up by a mysterious storyteller (Jim O’Rear) while in the middle of a barren wasteland. To pass the time, the storyteller weaves fascinating tales of shock and intrigue, each one more vile than the last. Could there be some sort of message in these stories? Has Vincent, in fact, walked right into hell itself?

Jeff Angel, Mark Dessauer, C.A. McGregor, Melinda Beverstock, Greg Allen and Brian K. Morris also star in this sick and twisted anthology that is sure to become a horror movie fan’s nightmare come true!

A whisper in the dark 2

Det. Michael Rivers is missing; farmer Ted Granger (Virgil Franklin) is dead; Rebecca Watson (Tara Bixler) has made it home, but her friend Alice (Autumn Reed) has been taken. Now, Det. Nick Fisher (Doug Wasnidge), the only surviving officer from the police station killing, must enlist the help of veteran police officer John Donovan (C.A. McGregor) and kindly local physician Edward Lundberg (Dan Turpen) to locate Alice and devise a way of sending the spirit of "the Engineer" back to the underworld

A State of Mind

The life of Detective Brian Spencer (C.A.McGregor) is turned upside down when he is shot in head in the line of duty and his brain is replaced with that of an infamous serial killer by a deranged surgeon (Melinda Beverstock) out for revenge

The Shadow Zone

In 2016, invaders from space attacked Earth and its people. In an effort to thwart the attackers, brilliant scientist Dr. Diane Landry created an alien-human hybrid to wipe the invaders out. They performed well and drove the invaders out, but then turned on humanity themselves. In 2017, the few remaining survivors, mostly living underground and in secret, must work together to reach a "safe haven" where they will not be at the mercy of these new, deadly creatures

Night Crimes

Dan Turpen (Weaver’s Crossing) and Jeff Johnson (After Dark) lead an ensemble cast in this production produced and directed by James Ian Mair.
When a teenage girl is killed in Willow Grove, concerned townspeople believe it to be the work of Marky Landau, a down-and-out kid from the slums who was romantically interested in the victim. But as the investigation moves forward, police Lieutenant Joe Gambill (Turpen) and Det. Jack Murdock (Johnson) begin to suspect other possibilities. Could there be a serial killer on the loose? Or could someone with a spotless reputation be the true killer?
Melinda Beverstock, Doug Wasnidge and James C. Tibbett co-star in this exciting and action-packed drama that will keep you guessing until the final seconds.

A Whisper In The Dark

In the 1970s, a mass murder spree took place in Coldwater, Indiana. Senior Detective John Donovan was able to apprehend the killer, who was executed in the electric chair. In 2014, Ted Granger , a farmer who recently lost his grandson to heart failure, resurrects the deceased killer to wreck havoc on the people who have wronged him over the years. Standing in the way of the murderers is Detective Michael Rives, who races against the clock to discover the origin of the killer and what his next move will be. On the run is Rebecca Watson, a young college student who was watching the farmer's grandson at the time of his death.

Weaver's Crossing

Sheriff Henry Turner (Dan Turpen) has been in charge of Johnson County for over twenty years. The job was his whole life, until one day he was asked to step down due to his heart condition. And to make matters worse, he was replaced by his son Jason (Jeff Johnson), whom he had a falling out with years earlier. Now, Henry must come to terms with the differences between him and his son and find it in his heart to forgive and forget before it’s too late.